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Bombay Pink Hibiscus Pale Ale > Available Now at Dishoom

Since launching their first restaurant in 2010, Dishoom have become a culinary powerhouse in the UK.

Walk past their location in Coal Drops Yard (or, any of their restaurants to be fair) and you will see a queue of people waiting patiently outside. The team at Dishoom have not only achieved an incredible dining experience that attract crowds - they have perfected a brand crafted with love, care and the utmost authenticity.

Dishoom queue at Coal Drops Yard, King's Cross

And so, when they asked us to develop a beer for their guest drinks list - we jumped at the chance!

The result was the 'Bombay Pink Hibiscus Pale Ale'. Inspired by the colours of Indian sunsets, and crafted with the vibrancy of Dishoom's menu in mind - this is a dry and slightly tart pale ale, with delicate flavours of red berries from the addition of Mosaic and Idaho 7 hops.

Dishoom food
Lead Brewer, Stirling Mitchell, said that the brew team had "been interested in incorporating hibiscus in a recipe for a while as an exciting and experimental ingredient. When the opportunity of making a beer for Dishoom came around, we felt it was a great opportunity to utilise this interesting ingredient to suit the style of food they serve".

Two Tribes Brewery use dried Hibiscus in their Bombay Pink Hibiscus Pale Ale for Dishoom restaurants.

Head Brewer, Dominic Lorberg, developed the recipe around a classic American pale ale base. Dom used pale malt plus some specialty malts for texture, alongside the addition of flaked rice to lighten the body for a crisp finish.

It was brewed with fruity American hop varieties including Mosaic, Citra and Idaho 7 - which has a super interesting black tea and slightly spicy aroma to tie back into Dishoom's queue-warming Chai Tea!

Two Tribes Head Brewer Dominic Lorberg adds Hibiscus to the beer.

But it's the hibiscus which is the real star of the show. The brewers added dried hibiscus flowers directly to the lauter stage and in the whirlpool. This gave them a base pink colour and light acidity, with a floral, fruity note. They also utilised hibiscus extract in the fermentation stage to boost the colour and flavour, creating a pink beer, plus plenty of hibiscus aromatics and flavour.

Two Tribes Bombay Pink Pale Ale brewed for Dishoom

Two Tribes Sales Manager Jess Ayres worked with our Art Director Leo Elstob to develop artwork which compliments the colonial Indian art displayed in Dishoom venues, while also referencing the gorgeous sunset pink colour of the beer inside the can. 

Two Tribes Bombay Pink Hibiscus Pale Ale brewed for Dishoom

Two Tribes 'Bombay Pink Hibiscus Pale Ale' is now available exclusively and for a limited time at all Dishoom restaurants around the UK.


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