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Dream Factory > Beer, Art and the Creative Process

If you join the Two Tribes team for after-work beers at our taproom, CAMPFIRE, chances are you’ll find a fair few of us enjoying a pint of Dream Factory Pale Ale.

Dream Factory is our modern, American-style pale ale. A deliciously fruity brew, with tantalizing aromas of mango, passionfruit and citrus and flavours of melon with a gentle hop bitterness - all from a blend of Citra and Mosaic hops.

Wheat and dextrin malt are used to give this beer a medium body. At 4.4% ABV, Dream Factory is the perfect sundowner to help you relax and unwind after a long day.

Two Tribes Dream Factory Pale Ale

We named Dream Factory in honour of an unreleased album by Prince and his band The Revolution, which was recorded during his worldwide ‘Parade’ tour in 1986. After a falling out with the band, the collaborative album never saw the light of day.

Prince and The Revolution

This beer was made to celebrate the creative process, and to acknowledge the moments of artistic genius that never find their audience.

There are plenty of reasons why art might not be shared. It could be that the artist doesn’t think what they’ve made is good enough, or they might be afraid what others may think of their work. Or like Prince, it could be that the team that help put the work together has gone in different directions.

For us, Dream Factory serves as a reminder to keep trying. To come together, collaborate and share ideas. It's why we've turned to affectionately calling our brewery the 'Dream Factory'.

Stirling Mitchell and Dom Lorberg - Brewers at Two Tribes Brewery, King's Cross

The use of collage art across our branding by Two Tribes Head of Creative Leo Zero pays tribute to British pop-artists Peter Blake, Eduardo Paolozzi and Richard Hamilton.

In the 1960's, these artists blended elements of high art and popular culture in an attempt to shake up established conceptions of what art could be. This art form became hugely popular amongst British musicians who incorporate the style on album covers and tour posters.

The Who 'WHO' album cover, by Peter Blake
Coming together for a pint with friends or colleagues can take the pressure out of a revealing what you’ve been creating. Sharing your art allows you to explore different angles and find the support and encouragement you need to make your dreams happen.

Leo Zero at Two Tribes Campfire

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