By Justin Hutton

Free beer? AI art? What’s this all about then?

Okay, I’m intrigued. How do I get involved? 

1. Visit our Discord server (you might need to set up an account but it takes two sips). 

2. Let your imagination run wild! First, click into the ‘ai-pa entries’ channel. Now to access the Midjourney AI art generating tool, simply type “/imagine” and then the rest of your weird and wonderful description to follow as a prompt. We’ve got some inspo below to get you started. 

3. Dream big and submit as many entries as you like. The competition will close on Sunday 27th November at midnight.  

4. Buy some beer if you fancy it. As a thanks for taking part, we’ll send you a unique £10 voucher code to use on our webstore.

I like it. What happens next? 

5. The competition will close on Sunday 27th November at midnight.  

6. We’ll choose a minimum of eight of our favourite AI-generated artworks to be featured on the new Dream Factory label design. If we select yours, we’ll reward you with a case of 24 AI-PA’s, which will include your own art submission. We’ll also select one overall winner to receive a year’s supply of our beers. You’ll know by Monday 28th November. 

7. Look out for our AI-PA cans online and at our Campfire taprooms in King’s Cross and Hackney, for a limited time only! 

Not cheating, but gimme some inspo… 

Want the best chance of making it on the can and securing yourself a whole lot of free beer? Take inspiration from our current can designs and style. Try to avoid pictures just of beer and really use your imagination to be descriptive with your prompts - after all, the name of the beer is Dream Factory. What does Dream Factory mean to you? What did your dream last night look like? What pops into your head when you’re enjoying a can of our Dream Factory Pale Ale? We can’t wait to see what you create… 

Here's some example prompts to give you a sense of the style we’re going for. Try using variations of the following to encourage Midjourney to spit out the type of Ai art which will fit: 

Andy Warhol, Peter Blake, Eduardo Paolozzi, Pop Art, Vintage Photograph, Collage, Surrealism, London. 

Go! Go! Go! 


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