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Metro Land Session IPA > Inspired by the Underground

Today is the 160th anniversary of the opening of the London Underground - and so, to celebrate the occasion we're taking a look at our Metro Land Session IPA - the beer inspired by the Tube, and designed with Londoners and after work pints in mind. 

At 3.8% ABV, Metro Land is a flavour-filled easy drinking ale, with pronounced aromas of zesty citrus and tropical flavours of passionfruit. The lower alcohol content means that you can enjoy a few pints after work without feeling too hazy on your train home. 

Illustration depicting the construction of the Metropolitan Line in the 1860's

‘Metro-land’ was the name given to the area served by the Metropolitan Railway - the first underground railway in the world which opened on the 10th of January 1863.

In the early 20th Century, the railway began to promote suburban development along its lines, particularly to the north and west of London in the ‘home-counties’ of Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Middlesex.

Metro Land Advertisement

The Metropolitan Railway company ran an advertising campaign which encouraged people to move out of the city and into the newly developed areas served by the railway, which they dubbed ‘Metro-land’.  

Metropolitan Railway Metro-Land Map

While you shouldn’t be drinking on the Underground (that was prohibited back in 2008), we do think the session IPA is the perfect beer for you to enjoy if you are having a night out, or if you're travelling a bit further afield.

The session IPA is the perfect ‘journey juice’ for a long distance rail trips. But what is that makes Metro Land a session IPA?

Drinking on the London Underground was banned in 2008

A session IPA is a type of India Pale Ale that’s packed with all the hoppy, juicy and delicious flavours you love about a traditional IPA, but with a lower alcohol content. Think of it like the curious and adventurous cousin of your average beer.

For craft beer fans, session IPA’s are a great way to really grasp the different flavours of hops and see how the flavours compliment each other when they’re used in different combinations.

Two Tribes Metro Land Session IPA

Our brewers have used Amarillo and Simcoe hops in Metro Land, which impart distinct aromas of citrus zest and pine and flavours of ripe tropical fruits.

The Metro Land Session IPA was inspired by classic American-style West Coast IPA’s which are traditionally known for their bold hop aromas, high bitterness and caramel malt character. The 3.8% ABV gives this beer a decidedly British twist, paying tribute to the UK tradition of brewing beers under 4.0%. 

A pint of Two Tribes Metro Land Session IPA at the CAMPFIRE taproom in King's Cross

The artwork on the Metro Land can honours London. Two Tribes Head of Creative Leo Zero chose images which reference to the electrified Underground rail network. The industrious and creative culture of London is also celebrated with graphics depicting street art and nightlife.

Leo's use of collage on the can design pays homage to post-war British pop-artist Peter Blake, while the bold primary colours are reminiscent of the Eduardo Paolozzi mosaics which decorate the platforms at Tottenham Court Road.

Eduardo Paolozzi Mosaic at Tottenham Court Road Station

The London Underground is a vital piece of infrastructure connecting diverse neighbourhoods and communities, bringing together people and fostering a sense of shared community. It's a symbol of London's resilience and ingenuity.

Join us today and raise a pint of Metro Land in celebration of 160 years of the tube!

Metro Land is available to buy from your local pub, and from our webstore.


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