By Dylan Hayes

Why We’re Having a 'Damp January’ >

After the last few years of restrictions and event cancellations, it felt great to be able to properly celebrate with friends and family again in 2022.

We had a huge year, and an especially large December - enjoying the World Cup at the local pub, going to DJ gigs and seeing live music, and of course, celebrating with co-workers at boozy Christmas parties.

Voices Radio DJs at Two Tribes Campfire

As we sat on the sofa during that magical period of overindulgence between Christmas and New Year's Eve, casually swiping through our social feeds while watching trashy Christmas movies on Netflix, we were inundated with ads for apps promising to drastically improve our lives by adopting a vegan lifestyle, exercising more and going sober.

The season of bingeing was over, and the idea of clean living seemed more attractive to us than ever before (or at least since last December).

Making New Year’s resolutions is a time-honoured tradition, with millions of people using the promise of the new year as an opportunity to improve their lives and achieve new goals. In recent years, ‘Dry January’ has become a hugely popular movement - with up to 35% of adults taking part in a month of sobriety. 

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However, despite best intentions many people find their resolutions fail. Fitness app Strava recently published data which suggests that January 19 is the date in which most New Year’s resolutions fail. Why is this the case and what can be done to increase the chances of success? 

The main reason that New Year’s resolutions often fail is because they are too vague or unrealistic.

For many adults in the UK, finishing Dry January is unrealistic. Having a social drink with friends and colleagues is embedded in British culture and often feels unavoidable. It is true that alcohol-free options are becoming better and more readily available in pubs and bars, but they still often invite the opportunity for people to seamlessly switch back to boozy alternatives.

It is not uncommon to hear stories about a single slip up causing entire New Year’s resolutions to be scrapped - with old habits of bingeing swiftly creeping back. For success to be achieved an alternative approach is required.

Stirling Mitchell, Brewer at Two Tribes Brewery - King's Cross, London

‘Damp January’ promises a realistic and measurable way of gaining control of your alcohol consumption - while not leaving you feeling ashamed and discouraged when you do find yourself in a situation where you have a beer or a wine. 

Raw Silk DJs at Two Tribes CAMPFIRE - King's Cross, London

Taking part in Damp January doesn’t punish you for having a pint while you’re dancing to a DJ. You can enjoy that celebratory glass of Prosecco when your friend announces their engagement and have clear conscience. But most importantly, Damp January gives you an opportunity to reframe and consider your relationship with booze whilst not drastically altering your behaviour.

You can create new healthy habits by building on your existing lifestyle.

Oscar Wilde famously gave us the quote “everything in moderation, even moderation”. With it, he advises us not to binge, not to abstain - but rather take a reasonable approach by never fully giving up or giving in. Every day is a moment for reflection and self-assessment, and provides an opportunity to change. The New Year may be a significant date on the calendar - but it is simply not true that it is the only chance you have to make a new resolution in your life.

At Two Tribes, we purposefully make bright and sessionable beers. Our beers have been designed to invite people to come together and share a love of the moment. We believe our beer can act as the social lubricant that can break down barriers, incite conversation, promote connection and help people see things from a different perspective. 

Two Tribes Metro Land Session IPA at We Out Here Festival, 2022

At 3.8% ABV, our Metro Land Session IPA is an awesome choice for people who are considering a Damp January. Generously hopped with Amarillo and Simcoe, you can expect pronounced aromas of zesty citrus with flavours of tropical passionfruit. With a medium body and a clean and bitter finish, Metro Land has been crafted to make you feel like you’re enjoying a full strength West Coast-style IPA, but with half ABV. 

Damp January is a healthy concept to consider. It may help you develop new habits and change your drinking behaviour long term.

We do, however, understand and acknowledge that for some people the idea of drinking in moderation is too ambiguous and that firmer boundaries are required. Alcohol can be addictive. If it is becoming a problem it is important to speak to a doctor, or someone in the sober community.


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