We are excited to reveal the world’s first beer can rebranded using AI art. The new design – which features AI generated images such as an old lady with candy floss hair, a knitted hotdog, a lemon Elvis-esque quiff – has been created by art and beer lovers alike and will be available to buy as a limited edition from Monday 5th December.

This newly designed label appears on Two Tribes’ best-selling Dream Factory Pale Ale and is the result of a competition hosted by the London-based brewer, in which they invited the public to submit AI-generated art for a chance to be featured on the can. The public were asked to submit oneiric images using the popular AI-image generator, Midjourney, which was hosted on the brand’s Discord channel. Beer lovers and AI early-adopters flocked to take part, and the competition saw a staggering response with over 1,800 unique artworks submitted over a two-week period last month.

The eight most impressive works of art made it onto the award-winning beer’s new label, with the overall winner receiving a year of free beer. The winning submissions took inspiration from the dreamy aesthetic and flavours of the Dream Factory Pale Ale.

By leveraging the power of Midjourney’s AI art generation to collaborate with the public, Two Tribes is democratising design. Beer drinkers with brilliant ideas, but who lack the artistic skill to create them through traditional art, can now see their designs come to life - and be rewarded for their creativity.

Justin Deighton, founder of Two Tribes, said: “Dream Factory is our award-winning pale ale that takes you to where dreams are made of, so it made perfect sense that we’d redesign it with AI-generated art. All our artwork and design is dreamt up in-house, so pushing creativity forwards has always been in our DNA. By working with our community, we’ve been able to
innovate and collaborate which are two things foundational to our ethos as a brewer."

  • “Pop art, big ben launching like a
    rocket” – by Discord user Fergules


  • “Pop art, iridescent, marshmallow
    planet with watermelon sky,
    hyperrealism” – by Discord user

  • “Surreal 1960s graphic illustrations
    of dreams featuring eyes” – by
    Discord user danjampoo

  • “Photo of big bird ghetto blaster breakdancing” – by
    Discord user EpicTree

  • “Knitted Hotdog” – by Discord user

  • “Photo of a mountain made of ice
    cream” – by Discord user EpicTree

  • “Sweet smiling old lady with candy
    floss hair” - by Discord user BigT

  • “Goat pyramid, space, pop art, SLR,
    neon” – by Discord user Fergules

  • “Lemon with Elvis Hair Detailed
    Polaroid” - by Discord user BirdFace