By Dylan Hayes

BEER + MUSIC + ART > Why is it so important in the Two Tribes culture?

Printed on the side of our cans and emblazoned on the backs of the merch worn by our taproom staff are the words > BEER + MUSIC + ART.

Why do we shout about this, and what exactly do we mean?

If we want to get to the heart of Two Tribes culture, it’s best to first consider the man at the centre of our company - the Two Tribes Chief, Justin Deighton. 

Two Tribes Brewery was founded in 2017 by Justin, a DJ and Producer who rose to prominence during London’s 90s club-culture movement– before establishing himself as a fixture on the Balearic party scene.

Making music is Justin’s passion. Most mornings, he wakes at 4 or 5am to work on remixes and edits over Zoom with Two Tribes Art Director Leo Zero. Together, they search for the latest releases and the newest DJs and producers sounds with their infectious curiosity.  

This ethos of collaboration and discovery emerging from a love of music, is the same spirit that drives the Two Tribes Brewery culture. At Two Tribes, we make beer for people to enjoy together.

Our brewery specialises in bright and sessionable lagers and ales – designed to be the social lubricant to keep the party going, but with friendly ABV so that you don’t need to call it a night too soon. 

The fresh flavours of our beers are reflected in the artwork on our cans. Collaboration being at the heart of Two Tribes culture filters through to artwork ideas with Leo Zero and Justin Deighton taking inspiration from Pop-Art icons Andy Warhol, Peter Blake and Eduardo Paolozzi – using collage to tell a story about the Two Tribes culture – as well as indicating to the drinker what they can expect from the beer inside.

London iconography dominates our Metroland Session IPA, while our Dream Factory Pale Ale artwork makes reference to the soft and citrusy flavours of the beer.  Bespoke curiosities are also present in all of Leo’s art, illustrating the playful adventurousness of Two Tribes culture.

Music and art are mediums of expression, and at Two Tribes we can’t think of a better way to enjoy them than by having a cold, fresh and flavourful beer with other curious culture creators.

Our brewery is located just north of Kings Cross in London, at Tileyard Studios – currently the world’s biggest creative community and home to more than 250 incredible companies.

Campfire is our brewery taproom and can be found at the heart of Tileyard Studios, acting as the meeting place for local and visiting artists and producers working in the community.

At Campfire, cold beer is matched with succulent flame cooked food. The artistry of our Fire Kitchen chefs is on display, as they prepare and plate up dishes to a backdrop of a wood fire oven.  

This year, we established a collaborative partnership with Kings Cross community radio station Voices Radio – which quite literally sees our two ‘tribes’ coming together in a really beautiful way.

Voices Radio provide a platform for aspiring DJs as well as established industry names, to come together and share their love of music. Voices Radio are committed  to inclusivity and diversity in all its forms, and programs on the station feature a range of musical genres as well as a variety of discussion topics.

Two Tribes support Voices Radio by giving many of their presenters opportunities to DJ at our Campfire taproom – and at other bars, pubs and festivals around London and the UK. Two Tribes supply Voices Radio with a mobile bar, where profits from beer sales help cover the costs of operating the radio station.

What’s next for Two Tribes? Definitely more beer, and definitely more music and art. Justin and Leo have recently begun a new creative project titled ‘Cosmic Picnic’ on the Two Tribes affiliated record label, ‘7s Clash’.

Cosmic Picnic builds on the ethos of collaboration and creation, where friends of Two Tribes (guest DJs, Tileyard residents and even Two Tribes staff) are invited to perform and contribute to tracks recorded and produced by Justin and Leo.

On the art front, Two Tribes will begin pushing new boundaries combining beer and digital art – as we launch our new AI-PA in partnership with the independent research lab, Midjourney. This project will invite Two Tribes customers to redesign the label of our Dream Factory Pale Ale as they interact with artificial intelligence to create bespoke images from textual descriptions.

BEER + MUSIC + ART are central to everything we are, and everything we endeavour to do at Two Tribes.

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