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Cosmic Picnic > A New Monthly DJ Event in King's Cross

COSMIC PICNIC started life in the true spirit of collaboration, when Two Tribes DJ's Justin DeightonLeo Zero and Pete Herbert created a collection of tracks to play at their CAMPFIRE residency in King’s Cross.

Two Tribes Head of Creative Leo Zero with Two Tribes Founder Justin Deighton at CAMPFIRE in King's Cross, London

Born out of the trio’s collective 30 years of DJ’ing from pool parties in Miami to the biggest beach clubs in Bali.

Their careers span the golden late 80’s era of Ibizan sunset culture through to a 90’s spent running cult record shops, labels, fanzines and club-nights and onto music production and remix work for the biggest acts out there. 

Cosmic friends were soon invited to the picnic to share ideas, collaborate, make music to enjoy around the Campfire of dancing ,celebration and good vibes. 

Guests include vocalist Sacha Souter, the voice of The Grid’s Flotation (and iconic Shoom photo star), and Rolo McGinty from The Woodentops.

Hot new modular synth producer (and owner of Claptrap Records) Matt ‘Vanity Project’ Bruce was invited to take part, as well as life-long friends and Balearic aficionados, Andy 'We Are The Sunset' Taylor and Chris Howler.

In 2023, we welcome the re-launch of the 7’s Clash label that Two Tribes Brewery runs. The project now evolving into club and festival events, all with the same open music policy loosely focused on the midtempo, chugging, cosmic edges sound these DJ's were schooled on. 

DJ Leo Zero says, "We grew up on Andrew Weatherall’s dancefloor - and what we learned there is in our DNA now - it’s seeps into all the music productions we make". The Cosmic Picnic’s spirit of coming together continues to thrive.

Leo and Justin work over zoom for a few hours every week from Leo’s studio in North West London - with Leo engineering, and Justin throwing ideas and direction in at a fast pace.

Leo explains, “Justin and I have developed a pretty symbiotic creative relationship over the 5 years we’ve been working on Two Tribes design and branding, and this makes the music making very fast and intuitive these days… and a lot of fun".

Two Tribes Head of Creative, DJ Leo Zero

Once Leo and Justin have got their tracks to a place they're happy with, they send MultiTracks to Pete Herbert. Leo says, "We give Pete total freedom to work his magic with our rough ideas, then things emerge as either co-writes or remixes of each other".

Two Tribes Disco Pogo Summer Launch - June 2022

This Summer, Leo and Justin are turning their COSMIC PICNIC into a monthly event down at Two Tribes CAMPFIRE taproom, starting in the afternoon and running till 10pm.

Expect laidback events where we can get the gang together, they can test out their new music - and hopefully start blurring the boundaries between studio jam, live performance, live remix, Dex and FX DJshow and more.

Two Tribes at We Out Here Festival 2022

Expect to see all the Two Tribes 7’s Clash label collaborators joining us at COSMIC PICNIC this summer - concluding with a full takeover day at the Two Tribes stage at WE OUT HERE Festival in Dorset, this August.

Come together with the COSMIC PICNIC. The first event kicks off this Saturday March 25 from 4pm.

Book your table here, everyone is welcome.

Listen to COSMIC PICNIC Vol.1 here:

Two Tribes Cosmic Picnic Saturday 25 March



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