By Dylan Hayes

Introducing > Coal Drops Porter

Our latest release is the Coal Drops Porter. We've used 100% UK malts, hops and yeast to make a smooth and luxurious, full bodied beer just in time for the cooler months.

A can of Coal Drops Porter beer is poured into a glass, in front of a backdrop of King's Cross Gasholders. The beer being poured is dark, and creates a coffee coloured head. An opened can with a geometric design sits next to the beer.

Drinkers can expect a beer with notes of soft mocha and milk chocolate coming from a complex combination of Marris Otter, chocolate, crystal, brown and black malts. English Goldings hops have contributed spicy and earthy flavours and aromas.

Our brewers have used a blend of Windsor and London yeasts in this beer. Traditionally considered to be cask strains, these yeasts don't ferment one of the sugars produced in the brewing process (Maltotriose). This lends a natural sweetness to the beer which accompanies the chocolate flavours from the malts.

All of these features help create a beer that is low in ABV, yet full bodied - designed to be enjoyed by the pint.

The history of the Porter famously starts right here in London. The style developed throughout the Victorian era, transforming from weak malty brown/chestnut coloured ales into the sophisticated dark, complex and full-bodied beers we know today. The name comes from the Porters who worked in London's Thameside dockyards and expansive canal system - and who were known to be particularly enthusiastic after work drinkers.

A brightly coloured can of Coal Drops Porter sits on a mans outstretched hand.

We chose to name this beer after the historic Coal Drops Yard, which neighbours our brewery in King's Cross. Established in 1866, this area was an industrial hub where thousands of coal porters worked transporting goods using viaducts which connected the area to Regent's Canal.

Leo Zero, head of design and all things creative at Two Tribes, has created a geometric pattern for these cans referencing the footprints of the three interlocking telescopic gasholders which dominate the skyline in Coal Drops Yard. Erected in 1867, these Grade II listed structures now house over 145 residences in an incredible blend of contemporary architecture and Victorian engineering.

You can buy Coal Drops Porter from our webstore now.


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