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We asked you to create the world's first AI designed beer label. From the absurd to the inspired - you delivered!

In this blog, we'll go through the artwork which made it to the AI-PA can label.

The AI-PA is a limited edition release of our award-winning Dream Factory Pale Ale. Interweaving seductive flavours of delicate mango and citrus from a punch of Mosaic and Citra hops, Dream Factory is the perfect Pale Ale for dreamers and creators.

The winning AI-PA entries were selected by Two Tribes Chief Justin Deighton and our Head of Creative Leo Zero, who arranged the AI-art in our recognisable collage style.

1. “Pop art, big ben launching like a rocket” – by Discord user Fergules (Winner)

This entry from Fergules was selected as the winner of our AI-PA competition because we felt it best represented our brand of London Flavour.

Pop art emerged as a reaction against fine art, celebrating the extraordinary in the mundane.

Perhaps most famously associated with Andy Warhol; in the UK, leading pop art names include Peter Blake (who co-created the record sleeve for The Beatles 'Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club') and Eduardo Paolozzi (the man behind the mosaics in Tottenham Court Road tube station).

This AI-art image from Fergules shows Big Ben as a rocket launching into the night sky, against the backdrop of a large full moon. The Midjourney bot generated an image that appears to have been made by collage, using a mix of paper and card. We love it!


Midjourney AI Art Image made from prompts "Pop art, big ben launching like a rocket"

2. “Pop art, iridescent, marshmallow planet with watermelon sky, hyperrealism” - by Discord user Roxxaloxx

We really liked the mix of candy colours used in this Midjourney image generated by Roxxaloxx.

Much of the artwork generated by Midjourney at present seems to err into world of fantasy, and this image is a great example of that.

The prompts seem to have been a bit mixed up turning the planet into a watermelon, rising in a marshmallow cloud sky - but we think that works even better! The glowing sunset adds an extra element of drama. 

It's an intriguing and otherworldly landscape that wouldn't look out of place on the cover of a new-wave science fiction novel. 

AI Art Image generated by Midjourney using the prompts "Pop art, iridescent, marshmallow planet with watermelon sky, hyperrealism"

3. “Photo of a mountain made of ice cream” – by Discord user EpicTree

This entry from Discord user EpicTree wonderfully captures how adding the prompt "photo" can dramatically change the quality of the image.

The Midjourney bot also seems to have taken the liberty of making the object in this image to appear as a sculpture. Contrasting pastel colours of pink and blue jump off the screen - and the ice cream/snow/mountain feel uncanny and slightly unsettling.

AI art image generated by Midjourney, using prompts "Photo of a mountain made of ice cream"

4. “Knitted Hotdog” – by Discord user DaddyMoreDucks

In this image, Discord user DaddyMoreDucks was able to illustrate how much further AI-art generation has come in 2022.

It's hard to believe that this photo-real quality image of a knitted hotdog isn't actually real. The fibres of the wool, and the details of the knit are very detailed.

We'd love to see Midjourney used by artists and designers as a launchpad to their creation of objects in real life. Examples like this. show how this could be possible.

AI art image generated with Midjourney using prompts "knitted hotdog"

5. “Photo of big bird ghetto blaster breakdancing” – by Discord user EpicTree

In this image, we think Discord user EpicTree tried to get Sesame Street's Big Bird breakdancing - but the Midjourney bot obviously had different ideas. And we kind of like the direction it headed!

Half boombox/half yellow chicken has an almost Mad Max/Blade Runner, grungy apocalyptic party vibe. We like how it has created a character that could inspire a story - and we're excited about the possibility of AI-art to act as an impetus of new human creation.

AI art image generated by Midjourney from prompt "Photo of big bird ghetto blaster breakdancing"

6. “Surreal 1960s graphic illustrations of dreams featuring eyes” – by Discord user danjampoo

In this image, Discord user danjampoo has used the prompts "surreal" and "1960s graphic illustrations" to create a hypnotic AI-artwork of a human face.

Moon-like eyes sit in the centre of the image, with long eyelashes drooping into a shape the colour of a starry blue summers night. Yellow and turquoise semi-circles pulse up the 'forehead' of the figure, signifying the 'dreams' prompt given to Midjourney.

We think this image is wonderful!

AI art image generated by Midjourney using prompts "Surreal 1960s graphic illustrations of dreams featuring eyes"

7. “Lemon with Elvis Hair Detailed Polaroid” - by Discord user BirdFace

Another great example of how Midjourney is able to 'scrape' the Internet and build photo-realistic images from a series of prompts.

Discord user BirdFace built this image in the style of a Polaroid, giving it a lo-fi and overexposed flash photography feel.

While the user may have wanted to see an image of a lemon with Elvis-style hair, the Midjourney bot instead created an Elvis-esque figure with lemon coloured hair.

We think this unintentional result kind of makes it more fun - and shows what is possible with this technology.

AI art image made by Midjourney using prompts "Lemon with Elvis Hair Detailed Polaroid"

8. “Sweet smiling old lady with candy floss hair” - by Discord user BigT

We loved the colour palette which Midjourney produced with this image, and we think the bot nailed the command given to it by Discord user BigT.

We like our brand to feel inviting and approachable, and were pleased to be able to include this entry on the AI-PA can.

AI art generated image generated by Midjourney with prompt “Sweet smiling old lady with candy floss hair"





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