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Like most things we do here at Two Tribes, our Power Plant lager was inspired by music.

Translate Power Plant to German, and you've got Kraftwerk - the name of the innovative German electronic band. Kraftwerk were responsible for influencing subgenres like house music, synth-pop and club music.


Kraftwerk were so important in the emergence of hip-hop that DMC of Run-DMC was quoted as saying "Kraftwerk created hip-hop" due to the sample of their song ‘Trans Europe Express’ featured in Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force’s ‘Planet Rock’.

Power Plant was also the name of the iconic Chicago nightclub that was opened in 1982 by the ‘Godfather of House Music’, DJ Frankie Knuckles.

Frankie Knuckles opened the Power Plant after finding an audience at the Warehouse – the club that gave house music its name.

At the Power Plant, Knuckles continued to push the boundaries of the new sound he had helped create at the Warehouse, adding a drum machine to his sets from 1983 which he used to beef up the mix of disco, indie-soul and Euro-synth records he was playing.
Our Power Plant is a remix of the Italian-style pilsner style. It is a clean, crisp, and refreshing beer that has been dry hopped with European hops for maximum aroma.

We’ve used the Czech hop Saaz and the German Hallertau Mittelfrüh in this beer to give it earthy, spicy, and herbal aromas. You can expect gentle aromas of cedar and forest florals in a beer with a gentle hop bitterness.

Two Tribes Power Plant Lager

These natural, hop flavours make Power Plant the perfect beer to enjoy whether you find yourself sweating it out on the dancefloor, at a campsite after a long day hiking – or at your local pub for after work pints.

Power Plant is completely vegan and gluten free. During the fermentation process we add Brewers Clarex®, an enzyme that is responsible for removing the gluten from the beer. The enzyme degrades the antigen which triggers Coeliac disease.

Two Tribes Power Plant Lager

Every batch of Power Plant lager is sent to a lab to ensure the beer contains under 20ppm of gluten, so you can be confident the beer is Gluten Free. By using this process, the crisp, clean flavour you’d expect in a premium Italian-style pilsner hasn’t been sacrificed.

Two Tribes Power Plant is a versatile beer. Inspired by House music history and remixed with a modern brewing development to make it gluten free.

You can buy Power Plant lager here.


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