By Dylan Hayes

What is London Flavour? >

What do we mean when we say Two Tribes is London Flavour? Can a city even have a flavour?

Flavour is the perception of taste, texture and smell. Flavour can centre and anchor you in a moment, while at the same instant transport you through time and space to experiences lived or imagined. Flavour is the sensory experience of our surroundings.

Two Tribes Brewers with a beer in King's Cross London

London is the world’s melting pot, and our home in King’s Cross is where much of that world intersects every day. With so many ingredients in the recipe that makes London, you’ll need a refined palate to adequately describe what London Flavour is. But with our beer, we think we can help.

Two Tribes support the culture industries that fuel the essence of London, making it more than just a place - but a destination where people come together to help give it its flavour.

Aerial photograph of King's Cross and Coal Drops Yard, London - 2022

Our beers are available in thousands of locations where life happens.

You can find us in pubs, radio stations and music venues. At art galleries, hotels and high-end cocktail bars. We serve our beer in the places where people celebrate, learn, dine and dance.

Voices Radio, BEAM Nights and DJ Picnic at Two Tribes Campfire - 2022

In our hyper-connected lives, it should be easier than ever before to communicate, understand and learn from one another. However, the globalisation and digitisation of modern existence has heralded ‘unprecedented times’ where people feel disconnected from society as they live in isolated and individualised worlds.

Our sessionable beers are designed to bring people back to reality, and act as the social lubricant that can help break down barriers.

Hoppers London staff selling Two Tribes Metro Land Colombo in King's Cross, London

The branding on our cans is inspired by British pop-art legends, Peter Blake and Eduardo Paolozzi, who in-turn had been influenced by the Dada movement. The use of collage in Dada and pop-art collapsed the borders between high-art and low culture.

With our collage branding we invite the viewer to create the meaning between the mixture of daft, playful and ironic images we’ve selected – much like they must create the meaning when living within the elastic borders of a transient, multicultural city like London.

Two Tribes Metro Land Collage art

We explore flavour (literally) in our Metro Land series of Session IPA’s, which honour the different cultures that contribute to daily life in London.

From Tokyo to New York to Colombo, we’ve worked with chefs and restauranteurs to experiment with exotic flavours in beer to compliment food served.

Our brand of London Flavour reflects the diversity of people who make up this city.

Two Tribes Metro Land and Metro Land NYC Session IPA's

Two Tribes contribute to the London Flavour in the liquid we make, in the music that is played in the events we support, and in the art that you can find on our cans.

London Flavour is both infinite and specific. London Flavour is ironic and sincere.

London Flavour is the essence of curiosity and the spirit of connectedness, and you can find it in every pint of Two Tribes beer.


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